Each state has different rules when it comes to the price of cigarettes.





Cigarette Prices by State


If you are a smoker, then you are no doubt familiar with the way cigarette prices vary from state to state.  Some states have rather expensive cigarettes while other states are a bit cheaper.  This all has to do with the individual tax that each state puts on tobacco products.  Cigarettes are taxed by the federal and state governments.  This is added to the local tax and sales tax.  Taxing cigarettes is nothing new in the United States and it has been around for a long time.  Naturally, the tobacco companies that make the cigarettes complain about the taxes on their products.  However, this doesn't stop them from increasing the prices of their cigarettes despite the addition of high taxes on them.  I'm sure the tobacco companies just want their product to be affordable to those that use it, but since they're addicted, they might as well raise the prices a little.  We all know they don't want people to quit smoking.  On the flip side, health officials are in favor of increased taxed on cigarettes because it will cut down on the number of people that smoke.  Some people just don't want to pay that much for cigarettes, so they eventually quit.  This makes them and the people around them a little healthier.  This also means less money is spent of health care, something that gets quite expensive when it comes to smoking-related illnesses.

A shelf of cigarettes in a store.

As you might imagine, the taxes on cigarettes have had an effect on the rate of smoking in the U.S.  Smoking rates have actually decreased with the higher cigarette taxes.  The higher the prices go on cigarettes, the more people that quit smoking or start smoking less.  The rate of teen smokers seems to drop the most.  This is probably because teenagers don't really have any money and their allowances can't cover the cost of so many packs of cigarettes.  This means they either have to shell out the cash or find another way to look cool in front of people.  People from low income populations also stop buying cigarettes when prices go too high, because you can't buy cigarettes when you don't have any money.  Time to sell those chrome rims on your explorer.  Quitting hot lines see a large increase in the number of calls that come in when the price of cigarettes goes up.  These people are trying to quit and probably need help doing it since they can't afford or don't want to buy cigarettes anymore.  Some of these hot lines get more than twice the amount of annual calls in the span of just a couple months when the taxes go up.  Things must get pretty crazy down there.

Most people think that taxes are making cigarettes too expensive.  However, studies have shown that the price of cigarettes has been increasinf since 1965, but not because of the taxes.  Actually, the taxes on cigarettes now is only half of what it was back int he 60s.  It's actually the tobacco companies that have raised prices, some by as much as a dollar a pack.  So while the tobacco companies all complain about their products getting taxed, they are the ones making cigarettes so expensive.  It's probably because they know that some people will always buy cigarettes no matter how expensive they get.  I mean, they are addicted to the nicotine, after all, and quitting is easier said than done.

A man smoking several hundred cigarettes.

So if you're a cigarette junkie, then you know how much buying all those packs can cost you.  Think of all the other things you could have spent that money on if you didn't smoke.  Not only that, but you probably would be able to run more than 20 feet without getting winded and you wouldn't sound like a dying frog when you talked.  But hey, to each their own.  The beautiful thing about America is that you can put poison into your body if you want and die of cancer at the age of 40.  This is a great country.

Also, below are the tax rates for each state on cigarettes.  Now you can go to the cheaper ones and stock up.

Alabama        $0.425
Alaska           $2.00
Arizona         $2.00
Arkansas      $1.15
California       $0.87
Colorado        $0.84
Connecticut   $3.00
Delaware      $1.60
DC                 $2.50
Florida           $1.339
Georgia         $0.37
Hawaii           $3.00
Idaho             $0.57
Illinois            $0.98
Indiana          $0.995
Iowa             $1.36
Kansas         $0.79
Kentucky      $0.60

Louisiana            $0.36
Maine                  $2.00
Maryland             $2.00
Massachusetts   $2.51
Michigan              $2.00
Minnesota           $1.576
Mississippi          $0.68
Missouri              $0.17
Montana              $1.70
Nebraska            $0.64
Nevada              $0.80
New Hampshire $1.78
New Jersey       $2.70 6
New Mexico       $1.66
New York           $4.35 1st
North Carolina     $0.45
North Dakota       $0.44
Ohio                    $1.25

Oklahoma           $1.03
Oregon               $1.18
Pennsylvania      $1.60
Rhode Island       $3.46
South Carolina    $0.57
South Dakota      $1.53
Tennessee         $0.62
Texas                 $1.41
Utah                    $1.70
Vermont             $2.24
Virginia              $0.30
Washington       $3.025
West Virginia     $0.55
Wisconsin         $2.52
Wyoming           $0.60